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Identify your best-performing affiliate content so you can create more like it

Discover exactly which content types, affiliate products, and on-page elements are driving your revenue. Then, scale winning strategies across your entire site or portfolio.

Content analytics and optimization tools for affiliate publishers

Everything you need to understand what makes your audience click and buy, so you can dial in your commerce content strategy.

Conversion Heatmaps

Heatmaps that show you which buttons, links, or creatives actually convert

Affilimate's heatmaps show you not only which links earn, but what copy and visual representations get your readers to click and convert.

Identify and replace links that don't convert and distract from your real money-makers.

Revenue attribution

Attribute revenue to pages on your website, automatically

Attribute commissions to specific pages on your website to derive the true value of each piece of content through Affilimate's revenue attribution.

Track key metrics like clicks, revenue, RPM, and EPC so you can understand which categories and topics perform best.


Make content edits with confidence (and remember what you changed)

Traditional A/B testing is tedious to set up and gets forgotten in the content production process.

Affilimate automatically splits your affiliate revenue by click date and content revision, so you can identify which changes improved conversion.

But wait, there's more

Here are a few more ways you can put the insights from your content to use

Use impression tracking to find hidden opportunities

Optimize placement of links that are rarely seen but drive clicks and conversions. Earn more from your existing content.

Identify trending or seasonal content to optimize now

Use the Growth report to find pages suddenly growing in clicks or revenue so you can optimize them.

Export and cross-reference your content analytics data

Export your page-level revenue analytics to cross-reference or combine with data from SEO tools or your display ad network.

Stop revenue drops due to broken links or stock issues

Identify revenue drops quickly and replace broken links or out of stock product recommendations.

Trace changes in key metrics back to content edits

Use Affilimate's revision tracking to monitor how content edits impact your affiliate links' key metrics like CTR and RPM.

Compare content performance and metrics over time

All content analytics metrics automatically compare with the previous time period, so you can see where growth is coming from.

Maximize your affiliate revenue with content insights for publishers

Media companies

Achieve the next level of commerce revenue growth with editor-friendly, on-page optimization tools.

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Professional creators

Get the insights and tools every professional creator needs to unlock fast and systematic affiliate growth.

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