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For editorial teams that need scalable, repeatable processes

Whether you've got a full-blown team or just need to outsource a couple tasks, Affilimate's team features can help you scale and systematize your commerce content production.

Affiliate link management
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Affilimate's team features

Invite your team to your Affilimate account

Each user has their login credentials to access the account, view reports, and perform common tasks.

Limit data and tool access with predefined roles

Invite team members to perform key tasks without the ability to change your settings or view revenue data.

Create fine-grained custom roles with limited permissions

Build your own roles comprising dozens of access points including individual reports and specific metrics.

Export any and all data for outsourcing tasks

Export your content or link analytics so you can outsource tasks like replacing broken affiliate links or refreshing stale content.

Organize groups of sites into separate workspaces

Create separate workspaces for different groups of sites, and share team members across them.

Seamlessly switch between workspaces

Easily switch between workspaces without having to log in and out of your account.

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Explore more Affilimate features

Affiliate Dashboard

Aggregate all your affiliate commissions in one, unified dashboard.

Revenue Attribution

Attribute affiliate revenue on the site, page, link, and element-level.

Affiliate Link Management

Automate your affiliate link management with or without a link cloaker.

Content Analytics

Optimize your commerce content with CRO tools tailored for affiliates.


Run experiments and monitor key metrics for each content edit.


Invite team members to your workspace to delegate common tasks.


See the 100+ integrations supported by our platform.

Try the affiliate analytics platform for content websites

Affilimate aggregates all your affiliate commissions in one place, and then adds the missing attribution data you need to maximize your affiliate revenue from every post you publish.

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