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Unlock your site's hidden affiliate revenue with content insights for publishers

Affilimate helps you generate 2–10x revenue growth per article with optimization tools & content insights tailored for commerce content.

Integrates with 100+ affiliate platforms

Affilimate gives publishers the ability to truly maximize in-page affiliate performance. Add your networks, track your links, and grow your revenue from existing commerce content.

Media companies

Drive incremental revenue from existing content with in-page optimization tools and insights, designed specifically for business and editorial teams.

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Professional creators

Get the content insights and optimization tools every professional creator needs to unlock fast and systematic affiliate growth.

Claire Robinson

“Affilimate helped me take a single offer from $500 per year to almost $7,000 in the last four months.” — Claire Robinson, ZigZag Roadtrips

Alex Elkoury

“In just one month of integration, we were able to discover simple opportunities that doubled revenue for specific pages.” — Alex Elkoury, VentureKite

Shelley Marmor

“If you're serious about affiliate marketing, you need Affilimate. It's become a game-changer for our business.” — Shelley Marmor, Travel Mexico Solo

Tap in to 2–10x revenue growth per article

Affilimate gives you link-level visibility into your on-page performance, so you can discover lightweight improvements that multiply your affiliate RPM, EPC, and revenue.

Revision tracking

Automatically capture changes to your content, so you can see how edits impact your main KPIs. Then annotate those revisions with notes.

Affiliate Heatmaps

Capture affiliate performance for each link placement within an article. Visualize your data in an intuitive way, so your whole team can action it.

Link generator tool

Generate all your affiliate links from within a single tool. Simply paste your deep link and go. Also available through an API.

Tools your whole team will use

Bring together business, editorial, and finance into a single platform that surfaces content insights and affiliate data in an intuitive, user-friendly way. Tailored to media company workflows from the ground up.

Affiliate Heatmaps

Affiliate revenue attribution down to the pixel

Discover exactly which affiliate links, buttons, images, and calls-to-action within your pages are driving conversions (and which aren't).

Explore color-coded, link-level metrics presented in a simple way anyone can turn into an action plan.

Then, multiply revenue from existing content by optimizing link placement, retailer selection, and get the leverage you need to negotiate higher commission rates.

Content segmentation

Create more profitable content based on top performing segments

Benchmark performance between different content formats, product categories, target demographics and more. See which segments are driving the most revenue, or have the highest EPCs and RPMs.

Create custom content types and tags, and apply them to your content portfolio without changing any links. Identify your most profitable content strategies in seconds.

Revision Tracking

Track the impact of content updates on affiliate revenue

Track how editorial changes affect affiliate revenue, click-through rate, and affiliate RPM and EPC on pages across your site, without manually setting up experiments each time.

Generated automatically from your existing markup. Fits perfectly into your existing workflow. And scales effortlessly across your entire portfolio of content.

Content trends

Monitor your content portfolio for revenue spikes and drops

Use Affilimate's content analytics and revenue attribution to find which content and products generate the most revenue, across affiliate programs.

View your content portfolio by the fastest growing or declining articles, so you can target which articles need updates today.

Reporting & APIs

Unified affiliate revenue reporting and publisher APIs

Take all your detailed affiliate insights and roll them up into stunning charts and custom reports you can share.

Expand into custom use cases with Affilimate's robust reporting APIs, that let you pull your data quickly and into internal systems like your data warehouse.

Simon Beauloye

“Smartly designed, packed with thoughtful features, Affilimate helps us save time and increase revenue by optimizing our affiliate performance.”
— Simon Beauloye, Luxe Digital

Jessica Bishop

“Affilimate has changed the game for our content strategy. This platform will grow with any size publisher, I couldn't recommend it enough.”
— Jessica Bishop, The Budget Savvy Bride

See how media companies like yours are achieving commerce clarity

Book a 1:1 demo and see how Affilimate has helped hundreds of publishers across 1000+ sites scale their affiliate revenue and operations.

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Explore Affilimate's revenue generation tools

Meet the fast, modern suite of growth tools you'll use to scale your affiliate revenue stream.

Content Optimization

Optimize your commerce content with CRO tools tailored for affiliates.


Segment your affiliate content by content format, product category, and more.

Unified Reporting & APIs

Aggregate all your affiliate commissions in one, unified dashboard.

Affiliate Link Generator

Scale your link creation with the universal affiliate link generator tool.


Run experiments and monitor key metrics for each content edit.


Visualize your affiliate conversions on heatmaps for every page on your site.

Looking for more? Affilimate also supports editorial teams, email reports, and more to help you grow.

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Maximize your affiliate revenue with content insights for publishers

Media companies

Achieve the next level of commerce revenue growth with editor-friendly, on-page optimization tools.

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Professional creators

Get the insights and tools every professional creator needs to unlock fast and systematic affiliate growth.

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