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All your affiliate data in one dashboard.

Affilimate helps publishers like you collect affiliate revenue and analytics in one place so you can optimize conversion and grow your earnings.

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Here's what you can unlock in under 5 minutes

Import your links with our automatic scan, and we'll do the rest

Master Dashboard

Track affiliate commissions and analytics across all your websites

Get an at-a-glance understanding of how each of your sites are performing in terms of revenue over time, clicks and views on monetized content.

Daily Email Reports

Receive a daily digest of what you earned the previous day

Monitor your websites, articles, affiliate networks, and advertisers for commissions earned in the previous day.

Then dive into the exact conversions through detailed, SKU-level reports.

Unified Reporting

Review all your affiliate commissions in one unified place

Save time by logging into one easy-to-use dashboard that can aggregate your affiliate reports into a single, sortable, searchable, and groupable format.

Find patterns in your conversions with our reporting presets, or create your own from scratch.

Conversion Heatmaps

Learn exactly which affiliate links are earning you money

End-to-end tracking from click to commission. Understand exactly which buttons, deep links, images, or widgets are converting on your website in a visual way (and no manual setup) using Affilimate's dynamic subid tracking.

Revision History

Spot specific changes that led to spikes or drops in conversion rate

Testing is something everyone knows they should do (but tend to forget about). With Affilimate, every change to a page automatically becomes a new experiment without any extra work.

Measure the impact of your edits by click-through rate, RPM, and overall earnings.

Content Analytics

Find out which content is worth building traffic for (and which is underperforming)

We all know that your top traffic pages aren't always the ones that make the most money. Use Affilimate to find unexpected gems worthy of your traffic-building efforts.

Don't miss out on building traffic to high-converting content by because those insights are hidden in pieces across half a dozen reports in different tools.

Amazon Affiliate Link Checker

Get notified when your Amazon Affiliate Links have issues that could affect conversion.

Affilimate checks your Amazon affiliate links on a weekly basis and notifies you if any are broken, out of stock, or have other issues that may affect your conversion rate.

What sets Affilimate apart from other affiliate tools?

Here's why Affilimate is different than any affiliate tool you've used before.

Not a WordPress plugin

Eliminates the performance, security, and functionality limitations that come with plugins.

Not a link cloaker

Keep whatever cloaker or shortener you like. We won't make you do manual work before you get tracking.

Not a single-solution tool

Most tools give you just one piece of the picture, like heatmaps, click-tracking, or commission reporting.


Our massive data-crunching happens on thousands of servers — without impacting yours.

Automatically tracks your links

Don't worry if you have short links, long links, or a mixture. We'll find them for you automatically.

Complete suite of tools

We believe the real insights comes from a tight integration of analytics across your entire affiliate conversion funnel.

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Draw on experience beyond your own portfolio

Get experience-based recommendations and insights from our team and community

Expert community

Join our Facebook Group of Affilimate members who are serious about growing affiliate sites in a data-driven way

Personal onboarding

We'll work with you personally to get your site in optimal shape for tracking with specific recommendations

Members-only content

Get actionable, data-based CRO insights from the content we create exclusively for our members

Affiliamte Analytics App

Grow your affiliate revenue with data instead of guesswork

Affilimate helps affiliates, bloggers, and website investors collect all their affiliate commissions, links, clicks, and content analytics into a single place to optimize conversion and grow revenue.

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The revenue and analytics dashboard for affiliates, bloggers, and website investors who grow their affiliate revenue using data instead of guesswork.