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Learn exactly which affiliate links are earning you money

End-to-end tracking from click to commission. Understand exactly which buttons, deep links, images, or widgets are converting on your website in a visual way.

Review all your affiliate reports in one unified place

Save time by logging into one easy-to-use dashboard that can aggregate your affiliate reports into a single, sortable, searchable format.

Experiment on your affiliate content with confidence

Easily change and measure the impact of your affiliate experiments based on click-through rate, RPM, and overall earnings — without any extra setup.

Automate your affiliate link management

Track all the affiliate links on your site in a matter of minutes. Affilimate's website scan can detect affiliate links, regardless of whether they're cloaked or not.

Reporting integrations

Besides tracking clicks on any affiliate link, Affilimate can also import commission reports from many different affiliate networks and programs.

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Free 30-day trial · No credit card required