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golf affiliate programs

12 Best Golf Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Based on Data)

By Natalie Robin · Updated Jan 3, 2024

The pandemic forced the golf industry to quickly adapt to the online world, and many retailers had to drastically improve their ecommerce strategy.

As a result, content creators have more golf affiliate programs to choose from in this growing industry than ever before.

The golf industry saw huge growth throughout the pandemic, as people sought out socially distanced activities to enjoy.

So while many golf companies had to pivot from brick and mortar, they also saw huge profits, and the industry shows no sign of slowing down in 2024.

For golf influencers, this is great news. An expanding online presence creates more affiliate partnership opportunities from golf brands that weren’t previously pursuing this marketing avenue.

It also gives affiliates the opportunity to promote high ticket items that suit consumer’s changing lifestyles. Stay-at-home golf, anyone? A set of high quality golf clubs can cost several hundreds of dollars, while golf simulators can be priced at tens of thousands.

Incorporating these golf affiliate programs into your content strategy could be a great way to earn revenue on products you’re likely already promoting.

Whether it’s a pair of Adidas Stan Smith golf shoes, or best in class golf clubs, you can be the first to share product launches, discount codes, and relevant recommendations on what’s new and exciting in the golf world by partnering with these golf affiliate programs.

How we compiled this list

To compile this list, we analyzed 25 of the most popular golf blogs to discover which affiliate programs they promoted most often, using our Affiliate Link Scanner.

We then categorized them into the most linked-to affiliate programs on top blogs in the golf niche. After all, if a blog or website links to the same merchant hundreds of times, there's a good chance it's because it converts.

The result is a data-backed list of golf affiliate programs based on what's working for top sites in the niche. All based on publicly available data.

Golf Affiliate Programs

Within the golf niche, there are affiliate programs for everything from golf clubs, golf apparel, golf shoes, and other types of golfing gear including setups you need to play golf from home.

Here are the best golf affiliate programs to promote in 2024:

Topshelf Golf

Topshelf Golf Affiliate Program

Topshelf Golf is a US-based online golf store offering a range of equipment, from simulator projectors, to electric golf caddies and scooters, to tech analyzers designed to help you to perfect your golf swing.

Content publishers can sign up to the Topshelf affiliate program to receive an 8% base commission on sales within a 30 day cookie period. Many of Topshelf’s products fall within a high ticket price range, with golf simulator packages ranging from $2000 to over $5000, which would earn affiliates a commission of $160 to $400 per sale.

If sporting goods is your area of expertise, and you have an audience of US-based golf enthusiasts, Topshelf could be a great affiliate brand to partner with.

The Indoor Golf Shop

The Indoor Golf Shop Affiliate Program

The Indoor Golf Shop is a Dallas, Texas, based online residential golf equipment brand serving a global audience. The company sells golf simulators, mats, launch monitors, screens and studios.

Affiliates can sign up to this program through Affiliatly and receive a 8% to 11% commission based on the number of monthly referred customers.

A potential downfall of the program is that commissions are only paid for newly acquired customers. Therefore affiliates should focus on generating new leads if they join this affiliate program.

When signing up with The Indoor Golf Shop, your ability to convert sales will be evaluated based on the quality and design of your website, as well as how engaged your audience is with your content across your social media platforms.

Global Golf

Global Golf Affiliate Program

Global Golf is a golf retailer with headquarters in Canada and the US. The brand sells everything from apparel, to GPS and rangefinders, to a variety of golf accessories. They also provide golf equipment trade in and trial programs.

Affiliates can sign up via FlexOffers or Sovrn to receive a commission of 5% on sales made within 30 days. Top rated products range from $29 to $559 per unit, making commissions approximately $1.45 to $27.95 per item.

Global Golf has a small social media following of 45k across its platforms, which is substantially higher than many competing brands. This could be a potential sales opportunity, as this video and photo content helps potential customers see Global Golf products in action.

PGA Tour Superstore

PGA Tour Superstore Affiliate Program

PGA Tour Superstore is an official North American retail PGA partner based in Atlanta. Their products include golf shoes and clubs, men’s and women’s apparel, GPS units, rangefinders, and simulators.

They have an average order value of $275, which makes an average 5% commission approximately $13,75. Best selling golf clubs range in price from $230 to over $2000, making commissions range from $11.50 to $100 per unit.

PGA Superstore has the advantage of being an internationally recognizable golf brand under the PGA company umbrella. This is an advantage to affiliates who are introducing a fresh audience to PGA Superstore products, as they are likely already familiar with the brand.

Rain or Shine Golf

Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program

Rain or Shine Golf specializes in indoor golf simulators that allow you to play anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions. Based in North Carolina, the company also sells launch monitors, hitting bays, golf mats, and accessories.

The Rain or Shine affiliate program is hosted on Affiliatly, and earns publishers a 7% commission per sale within a 30 day cookie period. Rain or Shine products have high price tags, with golf simulators ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per unit.

According to Google Trends, the company is especially popular in Canada and the US, so if your audience of golf enthusiasts resides in these countries, this affiliate program could earn you high commissions.

Rock Bottom Golf

Rock Bottom Golf Affiliate Program

Rock Bottom Golf began as an eBay seller in 2002, and has since expanded as a business with products including golf clubs and carts, apparel, and accessories.

Best selling golf clubs range from $35 for a putter, to $1500 for a complete set. A downside of this program is that it offers one of the lowest commission rates among this list, at just 1.6% to 4%.

On the plus side, Rock Bottom Golf has a social media following of approximately 340k across its platforms. They’ve built up a brand based on silly humor by using golf memes, which receives a high rate of engagement from their audience.

If you have an audience of golfers who appreciate a good laugh, this brand just might be the perfect match.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a Pittsburgh-based retailer founded in 1948, and serving the US market. It sells equipment for just about every sport; from basketball to gymnastics, to snow sports, and golf.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program has a fairly low commission rate, which starts at only 1.6% per sale. However, affiliates can also sign up for the EPC revenue model through Sovrn, where they can earn $0.14 per click.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the only retailers among this list that markets itself as a US heritage brand, which could be a strong selling point for affiliates with an audience of US-based athletes.


Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart, the American retail giant, carries just about everything you could need, and caters to every lifestyle. Affiliates can find a range of sporting goods equipment, from golf and basketball accessories, to camping and hiking goods, to home gym equipment, and everything in between.

As a worldwide household name, Walmart has established trust among many demographics. This can benefit affiliates, as they don’t have to introduce an audience to a brand new company.

However, the Walmart affiliate program has a low commission rate, which starts at just 0.5% depending on the program. That said, promoting a well-known company may result in a higher volume of sales, which could make up the difference.

Worldwide Golf Shops

Worldwide Golf Shops Affiliate Program

Worldwide Golf Shops is a discount golf retailer with brick and mortar stores across the United States. The company carries well-known golf brand names, including Callaway and Wilson, and products include golf carts and bags, clubs, apparel, and training equipment.

The Worldwide Golf affiliate program stands out thanks to its above average commission rate of up to 30%, and cookie duration of 45 days. The brand has also invested in its community-building marketing efforts, through content including the Worldwide Golf Shops Insider Podcast.

This unique informational content could be a great channel to direct your audience to in order to build trust and credibility with the brand, as well as to offer some interesting golf entertainment.

TGW (The Golf Warehouse)

TGW (The Golf Warehouse) Affiliate Program

TGW, aka: The Golf Warehouse, is a Kansas-based online and brick-and-mortar golf shop, with products ranging from golf balls and clubs, to apparel, shoes and golf carts. The brand was established over 20 years ago as a family-run business in Wichita, and has since expanded to serve a global audience.

The TGW golf affiliate program offers a 1% to 6.5% commission on sales, depending on the affiliate platform that you sign up with. The brand currently has a social media following of approximately 40k.

If you have a US-based audience that appreciates supporting a family-founded business, this could be a good affiliate program to partner with.


Adidas Affiliate Program

Adidas is an iconic brand and partners with the biggest athletes and athletic clubs in the world. It has a custom apparel collection, and it really stands out as a leader in innovative footwear.

The Adidas affiliate program commissions start at 2% and increase to 14%, with a 14 to 45 day cookie duration. It goes without saying that partnering with such a well known brand has several advantages for affiliates.

It can bolster your own brand image, not to mention make converting sales much easier. Whether you have an audience of sneakerheads or sports fans, you can set yourself up as the go-to source for the latest sports shoe launches when you partner with the Adidas affiliate program.


Nike Affiliate program

Nike is one of the biggest sports brands in the world, and is a sponsor to some of the most famous athletes from every sporting discipline. It has global brand recognition, with fans all over the world who eagerly await their next sneaker drop or celebrity collaboration.

Affiliates who sign up to the Nike affiliate program can earn commissions of up to 11% within a 30 day cookie window.

In order to position yourself as an expert resource in the fitness or sporting goods industry, it can be beneficial to partner with the most relevant brands, and Nike is definitely a major industry player. If Nike is a brand you wear and love, this affiliate program is a no-brainer.

Natalie Robin

Natalie Robin

Natalie is the founder of Nomade & Mode and host of The Fashion Ambition Podcast. Luxury fashion, travel, and business writer, and digital marketer.


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