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New Integration: ClickBank Arrives in Affilimate

ClickBank is a long-standing affiliate network with solid analytics and a wide range of vendors. Start tracking your ClickBank performance in Affilimate today.

Published August 09, 2020

Amazon Affiliate Link Checker: Now Included with Affilimate

Use Affilimate's Amazon Broken Link Checker Tool to find broken or out-of-stock Amazon affiliate links on your website and easily prioritize and replace them.

Published July 21, 2020

How to Track Amazon Affiliate Links with Unique Tracking IDs

As a member of Amazon Associates, learn how to create unique tracking IDs for different posts on your website and track your Amazon affiliate sales in a more data-driven way.

Published July 12, 2020

New Integration: Rakuten Arrives in Affilimate

Rakuten is a long-standing affiliate network with solid analytics and a wide range of merchants. Start tracking your Rakuten performance in Affilimate today.

Published July 10, 2020

How to Correctly 'nofollow' Affiliate Links with WordPress

Learn the modern way to correctly 'nofollow' your affiliate links on your WordPress website and whether or not to use the new sponsored tag.

Published July 02, 2020

SEO for Affiliates: How to find buyer intent keywords that convert

Targeting the right affiliate keywords is possibly the highest ROI activity you can do before writing any content. Learn how to find low competition commercial keywords that lead to a strong conversion rate.

Published June 02, 2020

The best language-learning affiliate programs (based on experience)

Language learnings courses can be a great product to promote alongside travel experiences. Here are the best language affiliate programs (and how to promote them) based on personal experience.

Published May 28, 2020

How to Use Affiliate Links on Multiple Websites (Without Getting Banned)

How to add multiple sites to your affiliate accounts in popular networks like CJ, Awin, Shareasale and more. Make sure your sites are set up properly to stay compliant and get better tracking.

Published May 13, 2020

Introducing Multi-Site: Track all your websites in Affilimate

How to track and optimize your affiliate income across websites and platforms in one tool. Learn how to add additional sites to your Affilimate account in just a few minutes!

Published May 12, 2020

Best digital affiliate products and services for bloggers in 2020

Digital products often have high margins or recurring commissions, making them a great way to diversify your affiliate earnings. Here are the best products you can promote as an affiliate.

Published April 20, 2020

New integration: Pepperjam support in Affilimate

Pepperjam is a long-standing affiliate network with solid analytics and a wide range of merchants. Start tracking your Pepperjam performance in Affilimate today!

Published April 08, 2020

Trending content ideas for bloggers in the time of coronavirus

Here are some content ideas for blog posts that are both timely and can serve as evergreen content once the pandemic is over.

Published April 02, 2020

Introducing Label Rules: Use your existing SubID system with Affilimate

Use Label Rules to map your current affiliate tracking or subid system into Affilimate, or enhance tracking for Amazon conversions.

Published March 15, 2020

Video Tutorial: Boost your GetYourGuide conversions with this quick tip

Creating highlighted search result link can boost your conversion rate. Here's a step-by-step guide to building this custom link.

Published March 06, 2020

New integration: AvantLink support in Affilimate

AvantLink is a leading affiliate network for outdoors brands like REI, Patagonia, and Cabela's. Start tracking your AvantLink performance in Affilimate today!

Published March 04, 2020

Introducing Performance Reporting V2: Better support for cloaked links and sales grouping

New and improved features like better tracking of cloaked links and custom groupings make Performance reports even more powerful!

Published February 23, 2020

25 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives to Diversify Your Affiliate Income in 2020

Maybe you want to ditch Amazon for financial, ethical, or just practical reasons. Here's why you should consider it and profitable (and ethical) affiliate programs to try instead.

Published February 18, 2020

Announcing Affilimate's brand new affiliate program

Help your fellow bloggers create a data-driven affiliate strategy, and make some cash while you're at it.

Published February 02, 2020

How to run tests on your affiliate blog posts (and measure the results!)

Running tests on your existing blog posts is the quickest way to increase your affiliate income. Learn how in this step-by-step guide!

Published January 17, 2020

4 affiliate marketing mistakes everyone makes (and how to fix them)

These four simple affiliate marketing mistakes could explain why you're not making more money from your content. Learn what they are and how to fix them.

Published October 20, 2019

Revisions in Affilimate: How to track your affiliate website experiments

Learn how to use revisions in Affilimate to compare previous versions of your posts and determine what is or isn't working about your affiliate strategy.

Published October 04, 2019

10 things to optimize first on your affiliate website

How to start your data-driven journey in the world of affiliate marketing as a blogger. Which stats to look at, which stats to ignore, and how to do it with Affilimate.

Published September 22, 2019

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