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New integration: Pepperjam support in Affilimate

New integration: Pepperjam support in Affilimate

By Monica Lent · Updated Apr 8, 2020

Hi friends, today we're excited to share our latest affiliate platform integration with you: Pepperjam's Ascend.

Which brands can you find on Pepperjam?

Pepperjam's Ascend platform has a variety of brands, many of which will be useful if you write about clothing or beauty. Here are a couple of the platform's best known brands:

  • Alo Yoga (8%, 30-day cookie)
  • Alternative Apparel (6%, 30-day cookie)
  • Clarins (3%, 7-day cookie)
  • Everlane (10%, 7-day cookie)
  • NARS (8%, 7-day cookie)
  • Nordstrom Rack (4%, 7-day cookie)
  • PUMA (5%, 14-day cookie)
  • rag & bone (8%, 7-day cookie)

That said, Pepperjam's Ascend platform has brands across a number of different sectors, such as travel, family, health and home, sports and fitness, services, and more.

For our travel blogging community, a few programs of interest include:

  • Away (luggage) (6%, 30-day cookie)
  • (7%, 45-day cookie)
  • NOMAD Goods (10%, 7-day cookie)
  • (20%, 28-hour cookie)
  • Qatar Airways (2%, 30-day cookie)
  • (20%, 30-day cookie)

Given the current environment, you may find some of the following brands on Pepperjam's Ascend platform relevant for your audience:

  • Health care and tech: RiteAid (4%, 15-day cookie), PhoneSoap (5%, 14-day cookie), FIGS (6%, 7-day cookie)
  • Delivery food and drinks: Blue Bottle Coffee (10%, 30-day cookie), Amazing Grass (5%, 30-day cookie), Atlas Coffee Club ($10/lead, 30-days)
  • Entertainment: AudiobooksNow (10%, 30-day cookie), BBC Shop (5%, 45-day cookie)

Pepperjam also has partnerships with aggregators like Skimlinks, rewardStyle, FlexOffers and Sovrn (Viglink).

Reasons to like Pepperjam

If you haven't joined Pepperjam yet, here are a few things we learned about the platform while writing this integration, which we think our members will appreciate:

  • Product-level reporting. Meaning that in many cases, you can get so-called SKU-level information about which product your reader ended up buying. So many platforms do not provide this critical feedback for publishers on their readers' actual preferences!

  • Comprehensive tracking. Pepperjam is fully Smart Label compatible with their SID tracking system. Just turn on Smart Labels for Pepperjam in Affilimate and all your tracking will be taken care of for you.

  • Focus on publisher/partner relationships. Pepperjam focuses on building a relationship between online publishers like you and partners, making direct communication possible. You can ask for coupons, custom ads, and promotion tips directly from partners.

  • Easy-to-find cookie durations. Unlike some platforms where you need to hunt to see how long cookies will last, it's easy to see how long the cookie lasts right from the merchant search.

They also have a couple of unique features of their platform:

  • Opportunity to increase your commission rate. Pepperjam's focus on transparency goes both ways: the more you can provide, the more options you have to upgrade your status and get perks like automatic entry into certain programs or higher commission rates.

  • Preferred Partner. Brands can designate you as a "preferred partner" to guarantee that you get a commission for transactions when you appear in the click stream, even if you aren't last click in the path.

  • Exclusive Code. Custom codes that award credit to designated affiliates even if you don't appear in the click stream. These codes don't require a click, so they're ideal for promoting on social channels, podcasts, ebooks, and more.

Besides those key points, there are a number of bonuses on top like the low payout threshold of $25, the ease of creating links, the fact that every affiliate gets their own account manager (regardless of starting volume), and an extensive Help Center with answers to most common questions.

You can click here to join Pepperjam if you haven't yet, or keep scrolling to learn how to integrate Pepperjam in your Affilimate account.

How to add Pepperjam to your Affilimate account

Import existing sales

  1. Open your Performance Reporting in Affilimate
  2. Click "Connect more reports"
  3. Choose Pepperjam from the list
  4. In your Pepperjam Ascend Dashboard go to Resources > API Keys
  5. Create a new key
  6. Copy your "API Key" into Affilimate's Reporting
  7. Click "Test connection" and upon success, import your commissions!

Turn on smart labels for Pepperjam

  1. Open your Performance Integrations in Affilimate
  2. Turn the toggle for Smart Label next to Pepperjam ON.

Once you've done these two things, all your Pepperjam commissions will appear in Affilimate, and all future commissions will be "smart labeled" with richer tracking data. If you're not using smart labels yet, click here to learn how they work.

Upcoming integrations

We've got a lot of integrations coming up, all based on your feedback and interest. You can always check our Integrations article in our Help Center to find out what we're working on next.

Monica Lent

Monica Lent


Co-founder of Affilimate. I'm here to share data-driven tips and strategies for earning more from your website as a content publisher.


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