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What can I use Affilimate for?

Affilimate helps publishers improve their content website's affiliate revenue through analytics and optimization tools tailored to the affiliate use-case.

To do that, we have three product pillars:

  • Data aggregation – Affilimate aggregates your affiliate revenue through integrations that support hundreds of affiliate platforms.
  • Data enrichment – Affilimate applies dynamic SubIDs (called Smart Labels) to your affiliate links, so you can identify which pages, links, and on-page elements are driving conversions.
  • Content optimization tools – Affilimate tailors traditional conversion-rate optimization tools for the affiliate use-case, such as heatmaps, link performance, and running experiments.

If you run a content-driven website with affiliate revenue, there's a great chance you're a fit for our platform.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I use Affilimate to track revenue from a YouTube channel or Instagram profile?

Yes, Affilimate tracks affiliate revenue from all traffic sources through our integrations.

However, our main feature set is designed for owners of content websites. So to be a good fit for our platform, you should be operating a content website such as a news site, media brand, or blog.

Can I use Affilimate to run an affiliate program?

No, you cannot use Affilimate to run an affiliate program. Affilimate is designed to be used by affiliates, not merchants or vendors.

Does Affilimate track revenue from paid traffic platforms, similar to Voluum or RedTrack?

Affilimate is designed for owners of content websites, who primarily wish to optimize content that receives traffic from organic, social, and other owned channels like email.

Our customers run media brands, multi-site portfolios, affiliate and authority sites, and blogs.

As such, Affilimate does not integrate with the wide array of paid traffic sources supported by trackers like Voluum or RedTrack. If you are paying for most of your traffic, those products are a much better fit for your business.

However, some popular traffic sources like Google and Facebook Ads are on our radar for 2022.

Can Affilimate be used to track coupon or cashback sites?

Affilimate is not designed to be used for coupon sites, deals sites or cashback sites as these are often built with Javascript and may be incompatible with Affilimate. 

Affilimate is best used with websites focused on long-form editorial content, niche sites and media websites.

Does Affilimate track ad revenue from networks like AdThrive, Ezoic, and Mediavine?

No, Affilimate is focused purely on tracking and attributing affiliate revenue.

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Last Updated 5/8/2023

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