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New integration: AvantLink support in Affilimate

New integration: AvantLink support in Affilimate

By Monica Lent · Updated Mar 4, 2020

Hi friends, today we're excited to share our latest integration with you: AvantLink.

Frankly, Affilimate members have been raving about AvantLink!

If you've not heard of them: AvantLink is a leading network for outdoor affiliate programs like REI, Patagonia, and Cabela's. It also has a number of brands selling sports equipment, coffee, and all sorts of other quality merchants.

You can see a list of their merchants in case there are brands you'd love to partner with on there.

Import existing sales

  1. Open your Performance Reporting in Affilimate
  2. Click "Connect more reports"
  3. Choose AvantLink from the list
  4. In your AvantLink Dashboard go to Account > API Authorization
  5. Copy your "Affiliate ID" and "API Key" into Affilimate's Reporting
  6. Click "Test connection" and upon success, import your commissions!
  1. Open your Performance Integrations in Affilimate
  2. Turn the toggle for Smart Label next to AvantLink ON.

Once you've done these two things, all your AvantLink commissions will appear in Affilimate, and all future commissions will be "smart labeled" with richer tracking data. If you're not using smart labels yet, click here to learn how they work.

Upcoming integrations

We've got a lot of integrations coming up, all based on your feedback and interest. You can always check our Integrations article in our Help Center to find out what we're working on next.

Monica Lent

Monica Lent


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