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Teatulia Affiliate Program
Data integrates with Affilimate

Join the Teatulia Affiliate Program

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
ShareASale12% per sale30 daysGlobalJoin program

Data integrates with Affilimate

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Affilimate is an analytics tool that aggregates all your website's affiliate data in a single dashboard.

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Affilimate is a paid analytics product, not an affiliate network.


What you should know about the Teatulia affiliate program

If you’re looking for authentic, high-quality Bangladeshi teas, Teatulia is worth checking out. Based in Denver, this brand deals exclusively in organic teas shipped freshly plucked from a 3000-acre tea garden located in the Teatulia region of North Bangladesh.

The product range includes traditional hot tea favorites like black, green, oolong, jasmine, masala, white, and Earl Grey, and canned ice teas featuring interesting fusions like watermelon black, wild berry oolong, and white peach.

Teatulia recently launched a collaborative venture with the Colorado-based independent craft brewer Upslope Brewing Company to release the Hard Sipper House Punch. This cocktail-inspired drink melds Teatulia’s organic tea and botanicals with Upslope’s hard seltzer Spiked Snowmelt.

Teatulia also has an up-and-coming Tea Bar scheduled to be set up this year at Denver International Airport. It which will feature (aside from their famed teas) coffees, pastries, and ready-to-eat food options for travelers.

Teatulia is high on environmental sustainability. At their garden in Teatulia, the brand follows Japanese best practices for cultivation and avoids using pesticides, machinery, and unnatural methods of irrigation.

Teatulia’s affiliates will have access to dedicated account management support and updated data feeds with the latest promotions. Teatulia offers 12% commissions with an average cookie duration of 30 days, and their affiliate program is exclusively available on ShareASale.

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