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veecoco affiliate program

Join the Veecoco Affiliate Program

Veecoco has an affiliate program in the Vegan niche with commissions up to 30% on Direct. Learn how to join the Veecoco affiliate program, where to get the best rates, and the longest cookie period through our affiliate program guide below.

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
Direct30%30 daysGlobalJoin program

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What you should know about the Veecoco affiliate program

Veecoco is a vegan cooking school, which offers 700+ vegan cooking lessons distributed across 19+ courses. They've taught 6,000 students and each course is 100% vegan.

The best part about this affiliate program is that since it's a digital product, the commission is a massive 30%.

How does that turn into commissions? Each course has two plans: a 12-month membership for $297, or a one-off purchase of the course for $127.

At 30%, your commissions turn out at $89 and $38 respectively. Extremely solid.

Unfortunately they don't offer recurring commissions if someone joins the annual membership, but it's hard to complain about a nearly $90 payout up front.

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