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Personal Capital Affiliate Program
Data integrates with Affilimate

Join the Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Personal Capital has an affiliate program in the Finance niche with commissions up to 100% per signup with at least $100,000 in tracked assets on Tune (HasOffers). Learn how to join the Personal Capital affiliate program, where to get the best rates, and the longest cookie period through our affiliate program guide below.

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
Tune (HasOffers)100% per signup with at least $100,000 in tracked assets30 daysUnited StatesJoin program

Data integrates with Affilimate

Already earning commissions from Personal Capital? Track your affiliate earnings from all networks in one dashboard.

Affilimate is an analytics tool that aggregates all your website's affiliate data in a single dashboard.

Then, gives you attribution data & content insights that reveals which pages and links are earning the most, so you can grow your revenue.

Affilimate is a paid analytics product, not an affiliate network.


What you should know about the Personal Capital affiliate program

Personal Capital is one of the most actively promoted finacial affiliate programs. One site we analyzed linked to Personal Capital over 150 times on their site.

Not in the footer. Within the content.

That's how invested many finance bloggers are in this program.

It comes down to the product (and the profit): advanced financial technology, free planning and tracking tools, and competitive affiliate rates. Their paid offers are geared towards individuals with a net worth over $100k, but their free tools work for everyone.

High-net worth individuals frequently report unpleasant experiences with the Personal Capital sales team. A Purple Life includes an honest review on her resources page that reads, “They call me monthly and I find it annoying. If you sign up for Personal Capital and have more than $100,000 in your account they will call you to try and have you use their investing services.”

With that being said, many users love the free personal tracking tool, and even A Purple Life says the sales calls are “a small price to pay for an awesome service.”

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