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Shopify Affiliate Program
Data integrates with Affilimate

Join the Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify has an affiliate program in the SaaS niche with commissions up to $150.00 per online sale on Impact. Learn how to join the Shopify affiliate program, where to get the best rates, and the longest cookie period through our affiliate program guide below.

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
Impact$150.00 per online sale30 daysGlobalJoin program

Data integrates with Affilimate

Already earning commissions from Shopify? Track your affiliate earnings from all networks in one dashboard.

Affilimate is an analytics tool that aggregates all your website's affiliate data in a single dashboard.

Then, gives you attribution data & content insights that reveals which pages and links are earning the most, so you can grow your revenue.

Affilimate is a paid analytics product, not an affiliate network.


What you should know about the Shopify affiliate program

If you want to have your ecommerce store, you can either create one on your own or simply use Shopify! It is a great ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, with a stellar affiliate program, too.

Affiliates earn an average of $58 per signup, but this is calculated in the following way:

Affiliates earn a 200% bounty for each successful merchant they refer to Shopify. This means that they earn 2x the monthly plan price selected by the merchant that they referred, after the merchant has been active for 2 months.

In short, your referral needs to stick around for at least two months for you to get paid, but once they do, you get two months worth of commissions as a single payout.

That said, commissions aren't recurring and if the referral buys an annual plan, you still only get the 2 months commission.

You'll be paid via PayPal, and the payment threshold is a low $25 to get your commissions.

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