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wise affiliate program
Data integrates with Affilimate

Join the Wise (formerly Transferwise) Affiliate Program

Wise (formerly Transferwise) has an affiliate program in the Travel niche with commissions up to £50.00 for business users on Partnerize. Learn how to join the Wise (formerly Transferwise) affiliate program, where to get the best rates, and the longest cookie period through our affiliate program guide below.

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
Partnerize£10.00 for personal users, £50.00 for business usersForeverGlobalJoin program

Data integrates with Affilimate

Already earning commissions from Wise (formerly Transferwise)? Track your affiliate earnings from all networks in one dashboard.

Affilimate is an analytics tool that aggregates all your website's affiliate data in a single dashboard.

Then, gives you attribution data & content insights that reveals which pages and links are earning the most, so you can grow your revenue.

Affilimate is a paid analytics product, not an affiliate network.


What you should know about the Wise (formerly Transferwise) affiliate program

Wise (formerly Transferwise) is a bank account that makes it cheap and fast to transfer money between countries. They offer a so-called "Borderless" account, which is bank account that allows you to hold balances in different currencies.

Fun fact, I'm a Wise user myself and have found it really useful to be able to accept affiliate payouts in various currencies, and then pay bills in the currency they're owed in, instead of losing money to currency conversion in between!

Wise is a handy product for anyone who travels internationally. Digital nomads, frequent travelers, and people doing international business are all great candidates to refer to Wise.

Commissions are a flat rate and will vary a bit depending on what your payout currency is. For the UK program, it's £10 for personal users, and £50 for business users.

Note that you only get paid for funded accounts, not just signups. But thanks to the "forever" cookie, you'll get credit for any account you refer that gets funded no matter how long it takes them to do it.

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