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Express Affiliate Program
Data integrates with Affilimate

Join the Express Affiliate Program

Express has an affiliate program in the Fashion and Clothing niche with commissions up to $10.00 for style trial subscription sign-up on CJ Affiliate. Learn how to join the Express affiliate program, where to get the best rates, and the longest cookie period through our affiliate program guide below.

NetworkCommission rateCookieMarketsDetails
CJ Affiliate4% for sales onsite or in-app, $1.25 for app install/initial open action, 2% for site-to-store purchases, $1.50 for Express Factory Outlet email sign up, $10.00 for style trial subscription sign-up7 daysUnited StatesJoin program
FlexOffers4% for in-app and online purchases, $1.00 per app install, $1.20 for Express Factory email signups, $8.00 for style trial subscriptions, 1.6% for site-to-store purchases20 daysUnited StatesJoin program
SovrnNot listedNot listedGlobalJoin program

Data integrates with Affilimate

Already earning commissions from Express? Track your affiliate earnings from all networks in one dashboard.

Affilimate is an analytics tool that aggregates all your website's affiliate data in a single dashboard.

Then, gives you attribution data & content insights that reveals which pages and links are earning the most, so you can grow your revenue.

Affilimate is a paid analytics product, not an affiliate network.


What you should know about the Express affiliate program

Despite its well-known reputation as a Mall brand, Express popped up in the news recently when Reddit's now infamous /r/WallstreetBets caused Express shares to double through speculative buying.

They went from $1.79 to as high as $4.44 before settling around $3 when the frenzy was over.

Part of why it was targeted is that — like Gamestop before it — this brick and mortar chain has been struggling since the pandemic. Its natural habitat of shopping malls have been far less trafficked than in decades past.

Which is why Express is betting big on e-commerce.

And it looks like they're on track to make it work.

Since bringing on a new executive two years ago, they've revamped their offering to align better with what consumers are buying today. They've also started an influencer program of "Style Editors", whom they're relying on to get the word out. It seems they're taking a page out of Revolve's book, a company which has in many ways since overshadowed Express when it comes to online shopping for this demographic.

In terms of commissions, Express is offering 4% for most online purchases. But they've got a slew of other incentives where you can earn flat rates: email signups and app installations and opens in particular.

Express also offer flat rate commissions ranging from $8-$10 for trial signups to their subscription service, on FlexOffers and CJ respectively.

If you've got an audience that fits into the sub-30 category Express is catering to, give a look at the company's new focus on denim and see if there's a match.

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