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Irene Lopez

Irene Lopez

Freelance Writer

Irene is a content strategist and SEO Copywriter. Helping businesses boost their visibility and generate long-term profit.

Articles by Irene Lopez on

art affiliate programs

Best Art Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

Discover the best art affiliate programs to join and promote crafts, DIY, drawing, paint, and courses for artists.

Published August 22, 2022

Airline Affiliate Programs

Best Airline Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

These are the best airline affiliate programs to promote for a travel-hungry audience looking for local jaunts or long-haul flights.

Published August 06, 2022

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

If you’re passionate about real estate and want to earn some legit passive income on the side, real estate affiliate programs could be right up your alley.

Published July 09, 2022

christian affiliate programs

Best Christian Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

Find out which Christian affiliate programs the most popular Christian blogs are promoting. Learn where to promote Bibles, Christian home decor, church supplies, and other spiritual books.

Published May 20, 2022

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

Wondering which credit card affiliate programs offer the best service and the best commissions? Read on to discover our data-backed list of affiliate programs for credit cards, business credit cards, and prepaid card affiliate programs.

Published May 06, 2022

Skincare affiliate programs

Best Skincare Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Based on Data)

Find out which skincare affiliate programs the top makeup and beauty bloggers are promoting. Discover great skincare brands your audience is sure to love (and buy).

Published March 31, 2022

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